An advanced technology water treatment plant based on reverse osmosis is in the market.

Shivsu Canadian Clear International Ltd., a water technology solution provider, has designed it purely for home needs like drinking, bathing and cooking.

Available in capacities 250, 500 and 1000 litres/hour, the cost of the product ranges from Rs.1.25 lakh to Rs.2.5 lakh (installation is extra).

Power consumption falls in the range 0.75 kw/hr to 1.5 unit/hr. For enquires contact: 2836 2461 – 71.

Heavy duty and rugged in design, it is suitable for water supply to single households, apartments, bungalows, villas, schools, colleges, Community Centres and townships.

People living in apartments and townships can opt for supply through a metered system to the taps.

Easy in operation, the unit draws water for purification from sump or collection tank.

High performance filters with superior quality membranes remove the physical impurities.

The plant can run throughout the day requiring maintenance once in three months done by engineers of Shivsu or can be self-maintained by users on proper guidance and instructions.

Installation is of fixed floor-mounting type requiring 10 x 10 sq feet area.

( Courtesy: The Hindu )


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