Container_2_J_2191432gBy VISHAL MENON: Filmmaker Suresh Menon transforms a shipping container into a toilet unit. Vishal Menon looks at the useful idea

An unused shipping container procured cheaply and some world famous Indianjugaad, as he calls it — that’s all it took for filmmaker Suresh Menon to build a prototype bathroom unit with five sets of showers and toilets. He bought a 20-foot-long container into which he integrated bathroom units at a factory in Chennai.

“Bathrooms and toilets are constructed by hundreds of people but the key to building an effective one is its easy maintenance. Containers are strong and sturdy; better than the fibre glass ones that are currently used for public toilets. We see public toilets being built at astronomical sums but they soon become dysfunctional due to various reasons. As the container toilets are transportable, they can be brought back to the factory for repairs or taken away and placed at another area altogether. The fear that it could be taken away, I presume, will encourage people to take better care of it.”   Read more…..


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