By Nick Gilbert: Fortium ICF is specially designed to lessen time and material consumption in construction of vertical concrete wall systems like insulated concrete form (ICF) building envelopes and considerably reduces long-term energy and maintenance expenses.

Using latest developments in nanotechnology and mineralogy, Fortium ICF enhances concrete’s performance at a microscopic level, while totally eliminating up to 75% of the steel reinforcement normally needed for vertical concrete construction. These aspects of Fortium ICF enable it to build a concrete structure at a time 50% faster with more than 32% turn-key savings when compared to conventional ICF construction.

Fortium ICF is the latest member of CEMEX’s expanding suite of products and initiatives that considerably decrease environmental impacts. The new construction material offers significant savings in energy and carbon dioxide emissions. Every house constructed with Fortium ICF lowers building emissions by 170 metric tons of carbon dioxide over a period of 30 years.

According to CEMEX USA’s President, Karl Watson, the use of Fortium ICF allows builders to use less number of supporting steel reinforcement bars in the construction of concrete homes that are lower in cost and better than conventional ICF-constructed homes with respect to efficiency, safety and strength. Moreover, the new construction material paves the way to homeowners and builders to drastically decrease the carbon emissions of home construction.


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