parking-02The principle objective of the parking standards is to ensure that, in assessing development proposals, appropriate consideration is given to the accommodation of vehicles attracted to the site within the context of wider government policy aimed at promoting modal shift to more sustainable forparking-allms of transport.


The space required for parking car or other vehicles will vary from place to place . However the minimum requirements are almost same.

Basically there are 3 types of parking. Parallel Parking, Angular parking and Perpendicular parking. 

The precise amount of car parking will be determined according to the specific characteristics of the development and its location having regard to these standards or any reduction provided for in an area of parking restraint designated in a development plan. Proposals should not prejudice road safety or significantly inconvenience the flow of traffic.

Developers are advised to consult the relevant development plans to ascertain whether specific parking limitations apply to their proposed development location.



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