ppr-pipesPP-R Pipe also known as Polypropylene Pipe Random, is made of Vestolen P 9421 that is one of best PP-R material over the world, the material itself is supplied in granules precolored.

Featured by excellent cleanness, cost effectiveness, applicability and advantage in safety, PP-R is currently considered as the most favorable pipe material for cold (PN10) and hot (PN20) water system, water purifying engineering, underground heating system for wooden floor, chemical pipe works and so on. Under normal work pressure and condition, the life of Pipe system can reach 50 years at least.

The products are commonly applied at buldings’ water flowing systems, such as hotels, hospitals, office and school buildings, residentials and many more. Applying PP-R can bring so many advantages for the users such as low cost of maintanance, 100% free of corrossion and many more (see detailed advantages below). The product is specially manufactured to meet the highest international standard requirement.

List of advantages using PP-R :

– PP-R is 100% free of corrosion

– Extremely long life of at least 50 years

– Taste and odour neutral

– Unique and unrivaled connection technique with security for a life time

– Good chemical resistance

– Good impact strength

– Physiologically harmless

– Bacteriologically neutral

– Heat preservation and energy saving

– Resistance to high temparature (100 C)

– Convenient and reliable installation

– No pipe furring

– Sound insulation

– Recyclable for the benefit of environment.

Fields of Applicaiton for PP-R Pipes :

– Potable water pipe networks for cold and warm water installations.

– Pipe networks for rainwater utilization systems

– Pipe networks for compressed air plants

– Pipe networks for swimming pool facilities

– Pipe networks for solar plants

– Pipe networks in agriculture and horticulture

– Heating pipes for residential houses

– Pipe networks for industry

– Transport of liquid foods

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