Author: Laura Davis: Living in a small flat or a rented room can be incredibly difficult, particularly if your living space is both your living room and your bedroom. The advantage of having a small living space is that given you have less space you accumulate less belongings and in theory it should be easier to keep neat and tidy, however the downside, of living in studio apartment for instance, outweighs the plus side, you struggle to fit in a bed and seating, a bed can often look untidy if you are entertaining and sometimes you need a lot of belongings and you simply do not have anywhere to put it.

Here are some options to consider that will offer more space, make your small studio look more spacious and provide more storage space. If you are living in a studio flat there are several plausible solutions for you to consider, the most obvious option would be to fit a small bed and a small sofa into the room however, depending on the size of the room, this may not leave much space for other bedroom or living room furniture which in itself defeats the purpose of having a sofa in the first place. If you cannot socialise in the room comfortably then you are probably better simply having a bed in the room, push it against a wall and place pillows on the wall when visitors are around to give the impression of a sofa, the key is to choose furniture that is not obviously bedroom furniture, get rid of all teddies and bedroom paraphernalia, keep the bed linen very simple and when guests are visiting throw a heavy weight throw over the bed and scatter pillows on it to give the impression that it is a seat. There are several bed frames on the market that are a divan/day bed style with support on the back and sides of the bed, making it look similar to a sofa than a place to sleep. This idea of having a smart bed double as a seating area is also a good idea for students living in student accommodation where you have one room for yourself, another option for students is buying a sofa bed or futon, the advantage being that if you do want people around then you can fold it back up to give you more space.

Again, sofa beds can be a good option for a studio apartment for its functionality but it may not be the comfiest of beds in the world. If you have bought a studio flat, or if you bedroom is particularly small, it may be wise to do something more drastic not only to give you more space but doing so may increase the value of the property. A mezzanine is a very clever way of getting more storage space for a small bedroom and can create a whole new area for living space. A mezzanine is an intermediate floor constructed between the main floors of a building, in a single room, how much room a mezzanine can give you is entirely dependant upon the height on the ceilings, the most common practise is to place a mattress and sleeping area up on the “second” floor providing you with a new bedroom with an alcove area that can be used for wardrobes or cupboards. However, how well a mezzanine works is entirely dependant upon the size of the existing room and getting a good architect, and if anything just raising your bed to chest height will give you enough extra space to put in some high quality storage. If your bedroom is still too small for this then another option is a Murphy’s pull down bed; a bed that is usually hidden vertically inside a cupboard but can then be pulled down into a horizontal position for sleeping. The benefit of this obviously being that when the bed is hidden away, duvet and all, the bedroom can transform into a living area giving you the best of both worlds. Murphy’s beds are most suited placed in a cupboard unit that stretches an entire wall so you can have the bed and wardrobes on either side, so that when vertical there is no hint of a bed at all. If you can fit a bed into your room, and a sofa, but not really your clothes or your CD’s then you can purchase a divan bed with drawers underneath, or as suggested above pay for a second floor to be built under which you can use for storage or if you simply cannot afford that invest in under bed storage from somewhere like IKEA who specialise in affordable space saving solutions.

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