Tilcor Roofing Tiles was introduced to a cross section of industry practitioners at a special launch event held in Apapa, Lagos recently.

TILCOR is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of affordable, lightweight stone-coated and satin-finish roof systems in Zincalume protective steel.

According to Cameron Ross, Director of Exports, Tilcor, “The new tiles range caters to all types of construction needs from residential to light–commercial and public works. The range comprises of three distinct brands: Shake, Tudor and Royal and are available in a wide range of colours, are lightweight, versatile and easy to install”.

Tilcor roofing systems offer exceptional strength and durability in the harshest of climates. Speaking on what makes the new products different from others, Ross noted that “Tilcor roofing systems offer exceptional strength and durability in different climates. They are water, fire and earthquake resistant and can withstand hurricane-force winds. With a minimal amount of periodic maintenance, it will provide years of lasting performance and all products are ISO 9001 accredited. Moreover, all the products come with a 50-year warranty.”

During the event, guests including architects, engineers, designers and property developers, were taken through a demonstration on the successful installation and performance of the products.


4. Hidden Potential 
You might discard the right home because you don’t see its hidden potential. For example, say you don’t like living rooms and you avoid houses that have living rooms. However, a living room could serve another purpose. It could become a den, a nursery, or an additional bedroom. It could also be an excellent dining room. Changing the location of a doorway or adding a wall may convert a room into something you would really love. Sometimes all you need to do is rename a room. When looking at houses, look for the hidden potential.

5. Perfect Homes Don’t Exist
Some people spend years searching for the perfect home. However, they never find it because their perfect home is a fantasy. It doesn’t really exist. Be realistic when shopping for a home. Ask yourself what are features you must have and what are features you wantto have. When you find a house that meets your requirements, it may not have all of your wants. However, if you hold on to your dream of a perfect home, you might pass up the right house and regret it later.

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The best team to build your dream home


You need a good team to give shape to your dream home. You have to plan well while choosing the right team, from the architect to the carpenter

Time and resources alone do no help in the construction of your dream home. It is a concerted effort of several people that builds your house brick-by-brick and day-by-day.

Among the good construction practices is planning which essentially includes budgeting and scheduling of work. But in effect, another element is choosing the best available people right from drawing the plan of your house to the final stages of occupying your house.

Experts at the Help Centre of Associated Cement Companies (ACC) here say that choosing the right people for various tasks help complete your job successfully and without much pain.


An architect is the foremost person who gives shape to your dream house. He is the one who understands your requirements and puts on paper a plan for your house on the land selected by you.

But do you need an architect? Many people would ask. It is the architect who ensures that the plan for your house meets the necessary guidelines and legal requirements of Government and local bodies. Apart from that, a professional supervises the construction from the beginning to the end. An architect is the most important person involved in building your house, ACC experts say.

An architect helps you in the selection of labour contractors as well as materials. Normally his/her terms of payment are calculated either per square foot basis or a percentage of the total construction.


The next important person in the construction of your house is the engineer. He/she is the one who prepares the complete construction designs for the structure from foundation to roof. He/she is also responsible for the quality of construction. Usually an engineer employs a work supervisor and a site supervisor to assist him and to make the construction activities go smoothly.

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