CIDCO-YUVA Building Centre has developed a technology to recycle buildingwaste, writes M. SOUNDARIYA PREETHA

When an existing building gives way to a new and modern one, it is common to see trucks full of broken bricks, concrete slabs, mud, etc moving out of the site. These go in search of empty, unused lands, especially in the outskirts of the city to dump the building waste.

For any growing town or city, managing the building debris is a problem. It is mostly not reused or is used as a filling material in some areas.

The CIDCO-YUVA Building Centre at Navi Mumbai has developed a technology to recycle the debris. It suggests that a debris bank can be established.

The building waste will be crushed to obtain fine material (particles of 30 mm to 40 mm diametre) and this is mixed with cement and water.

It goes through the process of vibration, compacting and casting to make recycled concrete products such as hollow concrete blocks and pavers. Read full article 


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