Author: Teresa Adkinson: Plumbing is and always be one of the most important human invention in our daily lives. Though it can be easily overlooked at and sometimes taken for granted. But plumbing has been a vital part in the modernization of human society. Plumbing made life much easier and cleaner to billions of people today. But how did plumbing came into existence, this is a brief story about plumbing.

First and foremost, the word plumbing comes from the word “plumbum” which is the Latin equivalent for lead. It was during those ancient Greek and Roman times where lead pipes were gaining popularity for use in delivering water. But a hundred years earlier, man got their water fetching it from wells, rivers and spring, some even miles away. This was a tiresome activity, which was a chore to be done every day,

Ancient Greeks were the first to really use plumbing to a great extent. This is partly because of Greek culture that in a way, despises manual labor. That is why, in their culture, the often seek way s to ease labor. A number of mechanical inventions were developed by the Greeks which made manual labor a little bit easier. Among these inventions are the wheelbarrow, the crane, and the lead pipe.

Plumbing were installed in Countless baths and other recreational venues. From manual transportation of water to household, pipes made life easier. For the first time, one can easily open a valve in their homes and out comes precious water. This was a revolution, because this invention became important to human life then on.

During Roman times, lead pipes where further improved. Aqueducts miles long where made which carried water from a spring to a village or city. Rome has a continuous supply of water due to aqueducts and miles of pipes installed throughout the city. This was the first example of the modern use of plumbing. There are also evidences of the first water bill being paid by roman citizens.

After the demise of the Roman Empire, the use of plumbing was forgotten. Medieval cities rarely had plumbing, water was fetched from wells and sewage was splattered on the street or buried. This was one of the causes of various plagues that decimated the medieval world. It was not until plumbing was again used, Paris was among the first to really take plumbing seriously. Their gardens and fountains all used plumbing. After that the importance of plumbing again returned and we are now enjoying thousands of years of history. This is the brief history of plumbing.

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