By Corey M. Mackenzie, eHow Contributor

: Epoxy paint is one of several types of paint you have almost certainly encountered.  This paint is very common in industrial and commercial buildings, especially as a paint for concrete flooring. Like other paints, epoxy can be decorative, but most often it is used for practical reasons.

  • Epoxy paint is used indoors where a hard, very durable paint surface is needed. It’s commonly used, therefore, for flooring (and/or walls) in garages (both commercial and residential), factories, grocery stores and other high-traffic areas.


  • Epoxy has a glossy sheen and is very hard when dried.


  • This paint is waterproof and resistant to chemical spills. Epoxy paint is also mixed with non-skid substances to create non-slip flooring.


  • Epoxy paint is not easy for the average home owner to properly apply. In addition, epoxy paint discolors if exposed to a lot of sunlight.


  • Epoxy paint takes several days to cure. During that time, it gives off slightly toxic fume. It’s best to stay away until a newly painted room has fully dried.

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